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How To Create A WordPress Child Theme

plrvideodirect wordpress child theme imageIn this post I will show you how to create a Child Theme for your WordPress site and cover why you need to have a Child Theme.

But first lets cover the ‘why’.

When you are building a website using WordPress, the theme is what makes your site look the way it does.

The size and color of the letters in this post, the background image (if there was one) and other elements that make this site look like it does is in most parts, due to the theme I use.

Sometimes I might want to change certain things of the theme that cannot be changed in the built-in them customizer. Things like making the border around the content area round instead of square or remove the title just on the home page. These can be done by customizing the code within the theme.

The problem with customizing the theme code is that every so often the theme creator discovers something about the theme that requires an update. Something like a part of the code that can be hacked and allow the bad people to break your site or worse. Or the theme creator simply wants to make the theme better and in either case they create an update and for your theme to maintain its functions and security, it needs to be Continue reading

PLR Video Content Re-purposing Tip and Demo

PLR Video Re-purposing Tips

This demo video first shows you an example of a re-purposed plr video then shows you the tools, items and the process to get to that end result.

PLR Video Content Re-purposing Tips plrvideodirect.comThere are several reasons why people purchase private label or white label videos.

Two reasons that come to mind are reselling and as a shortcut to product creation.

I’ll cover the ‘reselling’ reason in a future post but for now I want to talk about using PLR videos for product creation.

I want to preface this post by saying there is little if any instant steps involved in re-purposing content of any kind. It will take some effort whether the effort comes from you or you outsource it.

The thing is though, when you compare the effort involved in re-purposing versus creating from scratch, it is pretty darn close to effortless.

Okay, with that out of the way, this PLR video re-purposing tip will use the audio transcripts from the video, a newly recorded voiceover .wav or .mp3 file and some screen-grabs from sections of the original video.

This can be entirely done with free tools if you need to, but I’m using Camtasia Studio 8 to put everything together, Snagit for the screen-grabs, PowerPoint 2010 for the “PPT Slides” and Audacity for the newly recorded audio voiceover.

By the way, when I want to try and do things on the cheap, one site I refer to often is When you get there, top right corner of the page is a search box where you enter the name of the program you would like an ‘Alternative’ to. Many of the results are open source or free options.

When I get the time, I’ll put together a demo using all free tools but for now this is it. That being said, all the premium tools I use in this demo have a free trial or evaluation version so no more excuses. Your Welcome 🙂

So watch, learn & take action. Continue reading

Cross Browser and All Device Video Play With Just MP4 File

mp4 video file is all that is required for cross browser play Originally I was going to make this post about how to use the WebM video format that I now include on most all download pages.

However, in my testing, I found that due to recent browser updates, all that is required is a properly coded (h.264) MP4 video file. So all the WebM files I’ve uploaded in recent weeks can be used as fall-backs for older browsers but as I demonstrate in the following video, you do not need them.

Needless to say, I will not be rendering and uploading any more WebM formats to the download pages. This saves me storage costs as well as the time it takes to render and upload these large file types.

It also saves you time in having to download them then upload them to your s3 or hosting account as well as adding the URLs to your video player.

In the following video, I show you a Free Continue reading