PLR Video Direct Is Your Source For Brandable Training Videos

PLR Video Direct logoPLR Video Direct is your source for original private label rights or “White-Label” video tutorial content.

With little to no effort, you can edit and/or re-brand these PLR video tutorials. After that, there are a number of profitable purposes for your new & unique videos.

You can resell them.

You can create physical products like DVD courses for a higher ROI.

Since these are all White Label, you can immediately integrate them into your business training.

With PLR Video Directs’ PLR videos, you will have the source files to the videos so you can edit them however you wish. I even include training on how to do this editing.

You will have the Splash Screens aka the title screens in PSD so you can edit them in most any image editor that works with layers, like Gimp, and of course Photoshop.

You will also have the transcript to the videos so you are able to re-record the audio if you wish. You can also use portions of the transcripts and screen-captured images from the video to create one-of-a-kind graphical eBooks that can be sold or given away to build your subscriber list.

I’m sure it will not take you long to find additional uses for your newly acquired video content.

I take pride in my work and I hope you’ll agree. The videos are roughly 99% instructional and 1% entertaining. My goal is to deliver quality learning content in a manner that will NOT put you to sleep in the process. Most say I do a fairly good job of it – but you be the judge 🙂

Steve Dougherty ImageI was a Real Estate Broker for almost 20 years in a unique niche. I never sold any real estate but had 3 offices at one time in St.Louis and worked with others in several other cities from California to Tenn.

I sold Real Estate information. A lot of it. My years in the Real Estate Info biz was a roller coaster ride of best times in my life to the absolute ‘would not wish this on your worst enemy’ times in my life. I got married and divorced, made many friends and a few enemies along the way. They say time heals all wounds – but there can be some nasty scars left behind.

Years later I accidentally came across this thing called Internet Marketing. Make money on the Internet – yea right, this had to be a scam.

Well I did a bit of research into this Internet marketing thing because how cool would it be to make money from the comfort of your own home while in your PJ’s.

Better yet, make money even while you are not at home.

After a considerable amount of reading and watching online videos of others hocking their goods, I decided to dip my toe in the internet marketing waters & see if I could make ANY money at this.

I purchased resell rights to several videos – these same videos showed how to build web pages and sell things online, among other things. I sold my first set of videos and made 3 dollars. You would have thought it was a million bucks the way I carried on.

Well that 3 dollars proved to me that Internet Marketing was not a scam and that if done properly, it can be a life-style changing endeavor.

That was in 2006 and I have enjoyed every second of income and freedom that Internet Marketing has provided me.

Currently I create and sell Internet Marketing How-To videos.

I love to help people so if you happen to have a question about any of my videos or what the heck…anything at all, I’ll do my best to try and help, or simply tell you I have no clue.

Thanks again for your visit.



25 thoughts on “PLR Video Direct Is Your Source For Brandable Training Videos

  1. Tony L

    What format do the PLR video come in please?
    Also do they include psd files in the marketing pack?
    Lastly are they branded with your details (ie are they white label)?

    1. Steve

      Hello Tony,

      I have sent you an email with your answers.

      Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

      Steve Dougherty

  2. Margaret

    Hi Steve,

    I really am hoping that your courses will be just what I need. So far I have bought the Video Marketing on Steroids series. My hope is to watch them for my own benefit, but also to sell them on Amazon and other places. So far, I have unzipped them on my desktop – but have now 3 folders: Graphics, HTML and Word. Steve, here is where I always falter – my hope was that if I could actually learn FROM these videos WHAT to do – I would not be lost at this point again. However, I am already there – because I cannot seem to find a way to get to each video to download and watch it first.

    Have I missed something – am I supposed to simply sell them – but not watch them? I assure you, Steve, I have every intention of also buying your Amazon3 series, as well as others courses you have. I just need some fundamental help here in how I can work with these videos. I realize this is going to take some work – but I was hoping by watching and implementing these videos – I could get started.

    I have downloaded the zip file, and then unzipped it. What have I done wrong?

    Your help is much appreciated,

    1. Steve

      Hello Margaret,

      Not a problem at all…I just sent you an email to your yahoo email address and if you do not see it then check your spam folder – yahoo likes to put my emails in the spam folder 🙂

      I made a short video for you and included it in that email so please let me know that you did or did not receive the email – when you get a chance.


      Steve D.

  3. Laurie

    Hi Steve,
    Can you please explain to me the difference between the Resell licence and the Private Label licence? Is the difference the inclusion of the PSD files for private branding?
    As well, are all videos sold separately or do you have a universal licence?
    By the way, I found your site by looking for a promo code! Good thinking on your part!!!

    1. Steve

      Hello Laurie,
      My Resell Rights license provides you the rights to resell the videos as they are. The Private Label Rights license provides you the rights to edit the videos and the sales material before you resell them.

      Both give you some sales / marketing materials but the resell rights package only allows for very minimum editing – like just adding your name and payment buttons. The PLR sales / marketing materials includes the source files (like the PSD image files) and allows for unlimited editing of the marketing materials as well as the videos themselves.

      All the video packages come with their own license agreements but they are all pretty much the same with each package.

      Thanks for commenting Laurie and please let me know if there is anything else I can help with.

      Steve D.

  4. Mircea

    Hi Steve,

    Can you tell me in what format are the PLR video that I will receive ?
    Can they be rebrandable ? What will I receive in the package ?

    One more thing … the link to the is not working. Can you tell me more about this product (also for the FaceBook how to, product).


    1. Steve

      Hello Mircea,

      These and many more questions are answered for you in the FAQ page that you can access by clicking the FAQ link in the navigation bar up top or just click here –

      Thank you for the alert on the non-working web site links. The hosting company for them have been encountering problems since the earthquake in Japan. I’ve been working on a backup solution all weekend. Hope to have them back soon.

      – Steve D.

    1. Steve

      Hello Jeff,
      I only have the PLR videos on Internet Marketing, none on golf.
      You might try looking on marketing forums like Warrior Forum or Digital Point Forum.
      – Steve D.

  5. Steve Ahern

    Hello Steve,
    I have recently lost my job of 26 years and want to try and forge a living from the internet. I have looked with great interest at your portfolio of video education – and would be interested in the PLR versions for added versatility.
    Would you kindly email me with a price for the PLR rights to your entire library so I can really get to work! Would you also please let me know if any website/minisite/sales letters are included in the packages.
    Thankyou Steve, I need some help right now and am most excited at what you have to offer.
    Steve Ahern.
    Northampton, UK.

  6. Steve Ahern

    Sorry Steve,
    I got soooo excited I forgot to say its the video courses I am interested in marketing. The individual videos can form my plan “B” 🙂

  7. Steve Sheriff

    Hello Steve,
    When I was a member of the Unselfish Marketer membership site, I watched your video course on how to create products from PLR material and I found them immensely informative and very pleasant to learn from. You have a great talent for teaching and I really like your humor.
    By the way, I noticed a small typing mistake at the top of this page. In the heading you misspelled “training” (trainning). I just wanted to be helpful. I hope you are not offended.

    Best regards

    1. Steve

      Thanks Steve, for both the kind words & for pointing out my spelling problem 🙂

      Would you believe that I misspelled that on purpose in order to test people…
      Or how about it was my keyboard that occasionally adds extra letters as I’m typing…
      Okay, I wouldn’t believe it iether 😉

      – Steve D.

  8. Amir

    Hi Steve,

    I am creating a Membership site and would like to use several of your Video products:

    – WordPress
    – HTML
    – Traffic
    – more as needed

    What type of License should I purchase?
    Are there any Restrictions on Pricing?
    How do you recommend pricing them?
    Any promotion ideas?
    How do I protect these videos so that users can only stream? Is there a plugin either for S3 or WP.

    I’d appreciate any words of wisdom.



    1. SteveD

      Hello Amir,

      Thank you for your interest in my PLR videos.

      There are 3 different types of license packages to choose from for most of my
      video products, some only offer the private label rights package in which
      case that is the only choice you have.

      But for what you are describing you will need the resell rights or the private label

      If you are not going to do any editing what so ever then you will only need the resell
      rights package if that is available for the video series you are wanting, otherwise just get
      the PLR package.

      Each video series has a copy of its license agreement available on the sales page so please
      review the individual licenses prior to purchasing and ask any questions if not clear.

      The pricing restrictions are also listed on the license agreements and yes they each have
      a minimum in order to protect the resell value for all my customers.

      If you have them in a members area and they are not being downloaded, just streaming
      the videos, then in most cases I’d like for you to collect a minimum of $17 prior to allowing
      access to all the videos within that series.

      This can be an upfront cost of $17 or a (for example) $7 per month members fee and only
      provide access to a few of the videos per month until the $17 threshold, then you can offer
      the entire series.

      Ideally you could charge $17 for the 1st month then $7 for each month afterwards and drip feed
      a few videos from each series each month in order to keep your members coming back…

      Just an idea.

      As far as securing the streaming videos I use a plugin called S3 Flowshield

      It is $97 but if you have an account at the Warrior Forum you might locate plugins there for much
      less but that may have similar features. Look in the WSO section.

      Hope this helps get you going in the right direction.

      – Steve D.

  9. James

    Steve, interested in buying some of your great videos, but wanted to know if the plr rights licence, allowed for my customers to be able to resell the re-branded videos. I would like my clients to have only resell rights too.

    1. SteveD

      Hello James,
      Thank you for your interest in my PLR videos.

      Yes the PLR license grants you the ability to pass on resell rights to your

      Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

      – Steve D.

  10. Victor

    Hello Steve,

    I am attempting to get started in the IM business. I am thinking of starting a site that sells small how-to reports and directories. I would like to produce some videos Ismall and short) to get some YouTube expose. I was wondering what equipment you could recommend for someone starting out on a tight budget.

    btw I recently purchased your set of wp dvds that were offered on 2/12. I like that quality that you put into the vids. Thanks in adv ance.


    1. SteveD

      Hi Victor,

      I use Camtasia Studio for my screen recordings but there are several less expensive as well as free screen-capture programs. You can get Camtasia Studio for free for 30 days in case you wanted to go that route.

      I cannot give an accurate recommendation for anything other than Camtasia Studio because I do not use anything else. I suggest that in starting out that you try the free programs to do the screen recordings to get a feel for the process then try one of the more premium products. That way you’ll have a bit of a foothold on the whole process before spending any money.

      You will need a good microphone and you should only look at USB mics. It doesn’t matter how great your video is if your audio is crappy no one will watch your video for more than a few seconds. You can get mics from Amazon or even Office Depot or Office Max type stores for around 10 bucks or so.

      Hope this helps you get going in the right direction Victor.

      Have a great weekend.

      – Steve D.

  11. Rudy

    Hello Steve,
    Please email me with a price for the PLR and RESELL RIGHTS to your entire library . Would you also please let me know how I can watch these videos before offering them to the public, not because I doubt the quality but so that I would know exactly what’s in the package. I am interested in loading them to my server so members can stream.

    1. SteveD

      Hi Rudy,
      Thank you for your interest in my PLR videos.
      I’ll email you a quote for a bulk price discount on the entire library along with a PayPal payment link.
      As far as viewing the videos prior to serving them up to your paying members, you’ll need a video player like VLC (they have ones for both Mac & PC)
      Also, each video package has a sample video that contains snippets of videos within that particular series so you can get an idea of the audio and visual quality before you purchase. You can also use these same sample videos on your sales material for your potential customers to preview as well.

      I’ll go ahead now and send you the email with the bulk price as you requested and again, thank you for your interest in my videos Rudy.

      – Steve D.


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