7 Tips To Improve Your WordPress Site

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More than 26% of any website you see on the internet is a WordPress site. That is a lot of websites!

As of March 2015, there were roughly 50 thousand new WordPress sites popping up EVERY DAY.

The popularity of WordPress as a website building program grows every year. So the chances that you currently have, or will soon have a website built on WordPress is pretty good.

So the following tips will likely be useful to you right now or in the near future.

These tips are in no particular order of importance so put them to work for you however you wish.

1. There are many things to consider when it comes to keeping your WordPress site secure. One of the easiest is to keep the core files, plugins and themes you have, up to date with the most current releases.

That said, when it comes to major version updates in the WP Core files, (by “Major Updates” I mean when a digit on either side of the decimal point changes like 4.x or x.5), I tend to wait 5 to 7 days. This is to make sure all my installed plugins and themes have been fully updated to work with that new major update in the WP Core files.

2. If you have Comments enabled on your WordPress site then Enable Avatars. In order to make your commenting environment more personal, you can enable avatars in the >> Settings >> Discussion area of your Admin Dashboard.

3. Use Breadcrumb Navigation. “Breadcrumb Navigation” is a navigation that can provide you with SEO advantages, and can make your site easier to use by your site visitors. If your theme doesn’t offer native support, consider a plugin such as this: Breadcrumb

4. Leverage Your Images Tags. This tip is also SEO related. Whenever you upload an image to your Media Library, be sure to use the title and alt text. Try and use keyword rich titles and alternative text when filling in those boxes.

5. Optimize Your Images. Prior to uploading your images to the WordPress Media Library, run your images through an optimization program like the one on imagify.io. They have a free service as well as a premium one, but try the free one first to see how you like it.

6. The lifeblood of any website, is traffic. Install Google analytics so you have information on where your current traffic is coming from and what is helping bring that traffic to your site – among other nuggets of knowledge. You can easily set this up with a plugin like Google Analytics

7. While there are many more tips I will send your way in upcoming posts, I will finish this post off with this – Set up your WordPress site to use https protocal instead of http. You can do this with a service like Cloudflares’ free account package.

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This can be a bit challenging to the non-techies but there are guides on the web to help you and if you run into a major roadblock, just tell me specifically what you need help with and I’ll do my best.

This might help you on your way though:

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