14 Ways to Use PLR Content

When creating an online business, it is very important that you make use of PLR Content also know as Private Label Rights, to your advantage. If you are in the process of creating, an online business or you already have an online business but you are not making use of PLR in some aspects of your business marketing, then you are missing a classic yet effective marketing tool. This is because Private Label Rights has proven to be an effective and fast way of creating unique content for a business.

What is PLR?

What Is PLR Content - question mark image  To start with, Private Label Rights is a permit that allows the author or producer to sell part or all the intellectual property rights of the work he/she has created. The producer of the work clearly states this ‘permits’ or ‘license’. Such work could include eBooks, software, web scripts, articles, templates, auto-responder messages and so on. So far, PLR products are regarded as the best option for any business. If you have PLR contents, you can use it in several ways. The uses of PLR products are unlimited.

As stated earlier, there are several ways to use PLR contents. Below are fourteen good ways you can use PLR content to your advantage.


  1. One good way to use PLR content is by dividing or separating the content in other to use it as blog posts or articles. Endeavor to revise and edit the content to make sure that it is original. This is recommended so that you do not come out with a plagiarized work. More so, keywords are important hence, do not forget to add relevant keywords that relate to your business or niche. Furthermore, PLR products are flexible for instance; buying an eBook gives one a good number of blog contents that you could post on your website. Private Label Rights are also cost-effective because they are sold at a very affordable price. Put simply, it has endless possibilities.
  2. Another way to use PLR products is by freely giving it away in order to build your email list. This is one popular way people use PLR content to achieve certain goals. This method is effective when trying to build your traffic or email list. Most people like freebies hence, several people will surely be willing to join your email list in other to receive such from you. Apart from giving it out, you can use these PLR products as a source for your newsletters, which helps to grow your email marketing campaign. That being said, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you have the authority or rights to give away the PLR content.
  3. You can also use the PLR content for free promotions and press releases. This can be done by using the information provided to write informative press releases. This is helpful because it gives your business the necessary exposure that you may need. If a person sees any of your informative material, and it attracts the reader’s interest, then such reader will want to know more. The present global market has made it easier and cost-effective for entrepreneurs to grow their business with minimal efforts.
  4. Another good way of leveraging PLR content is by recording an MP3 of your purchased content. When you do this, you can decide to sell the audio as a separate or joint material. You can also decide to make the audio available on iTunes or any similar forum that supports downloadable contents. This is important because everyone has his or her different likes and dislikes. Not everyone will like to get their information the same way others may like it. Some people may like to read and write out their information while some may prefer to listen to it. Therefore, catering for several types of people will help to make your audience satisfied and it will give them the ability to choose their preferred option.
  5. Furthermore, you can transcribe your audio or video PLR products into an eBook or an accompanying workbook. This will help readers to understand the content provided. If you are able to transcribe your PLR material into a workbook and you offer it along with the necessary audio, video, and eBook, then your audience will feel that they are being given a greater value for their money. This is because most people tend to choose the business that provides them with the best deal.
  6. In addition, you can use your PLR content as a source for your weekly podcast. You can talk about the material and add relevant examples such as the current events or even personal experiences. This will help you create a significant connection with your audience. It is important to know that Podcasts provide great teaching and learning experience for both you and your audience. You may decide to create segments using the PLR material, as this will help increase your audience most especially if you create more levels of your podcasts.
  7. Similarly, you can create an e-course about the PLR content. When you create the course, you can sell the e-course as a complete package to your audience or prospective buyers. An e-course provides great value to those looking for training. Apart from that, it gives the person who completed the e-course a great sense of pride for learning a new skill. Note that the course you offer should depend on your niche. It should also be something that you are passionate and comfortable with.
  8. Organize weekly webinars for you and your audience. You can add more value by contacting experts in your chosen field and then you could use the PLR material to assist in guiding your webinar or interview questions. Webinars provide an opportunity for you to be able to interact with your audience; hence, it helps to build rapport between you and your audience. This can help to increase your business reputation as well as helping to achieve your client’s goals.
  9. You can also use the information gotten from the PLR material to answer related questions on discussion forums or groups. This helps to make you confident in answering questions like an expert. Make sure you link back to your website when you answer or respond to anyone on the forum. Over time, forums have been known to be one of the great places for business exposure. By using forums, you can send traffic to your site. When you establish yourself as an expert in your field and you post contents that the forum users like, you can take advantage of it by leading them to your website for more valuable information. By participating in forums, you tend to get a better search engine optimization (SEO) which is extremely good for the exposure and publicity of your business.
  10. To maximize the use of your PLR material, you can create a membership website for your audience. You can make money from it by charging a monthly subscription fee. You can use the information to produce more content for your website. If you provide valuable content, people will be willing to pay for it because they know that they will get quality information from you.
  11. Another way is to creatively merge several PLR products and then provide a package at a higher rate. You can also offer your customers a way to create their own custom-made package. You could offer this option with or without the resale rights. Note that it is important to give your customers the ability to choose the product that they want so that you do not lose certain sales.
  12. Create a contest for your audience. This initiative gives you the ability to task readers or your customers, depending on what your aim is and then at the end, you could reward the winner with a great PLR package. Organizing a contest or giveaway is a great way to get people to notice your site. All you need to do is to offer a tangible reward to the winner of the contest and then you will definitely get some great entries. You may also consider giving out runner-up discounts, which could help you increase your sales.
  13. Again, one good way of using the PLR product is by reviewing the content of the material and then pick out what is missing in the PLR market and simply create your own to fill the need. This could be very profitable especially if it is in high demand. This happens to be a great option only if you can figure out the void and know how to fill it up.
  14. Discover your audience rate of interest. This comes in handy when you do not know what product or course to sell. However, if you want to find out, you can simply purchase PLR products that are similar to the one you intend developing and use it to measure your audience level of interest. This will enable you to know what your audience wants before you begin to invest your time and money into a product that may not sell.

Private Label Rights - PLR content can equal money

In conclusion, there are several great ways to make use of Private Label Rights products. The above is just some of the ways you could use PLR to your advantage. It is vital to know that the use of PLR can help you to grow your business at a faster rate. This is why I recommend the use of PLR to your benefit.

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