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PLR Video Content Re-purposing Tip and Demo

PLR Video Re-purposing Tips

This demo video first shows you an example of a re-purposed plr video then shows you the tools, items, and the process to get to that end result.

PLR Video Content Re-purposing Tips plrvideodirect.com

There are several reasons why people purchase private label or white label videos.

Two reasons that come to mind are reselling and as a shortcut to product creation.

I’ll cover the ‘reselling’ reason in a future post but for now, I want to talk about using PLR videos for product creation.

I want to preface this post by saying there is little if any instant steps involved in re-purposing content of any kind. It will take some effort whether the effort comes from you or you outsource it.

The thing is though, when you compare the effort involved in re-purposing versus creating from scratch, it is pretty darn close to effortless.

Okay, with that out of the way, this PLR video re-purposing tip will use the audio transcripts from the video, a newly recorded voiceover .wav or .mp3 file and some screen-grabs from sections of the original video.

This can be entirely done with free tools if you need to, but I’m using Camtasia Studio 8 to put everything together, Snagit for the screen-grabs, PowerPoint 2010 for the “PPT Slides” and Audacity for the newly recorded audio voiceover.

By the way, when I want to try and do things on the cheap, one site I refer to often is http://alternativeto.net/ When you get there, top right corner of the page is a search box where you enter the name of the program you would like an ‘Alternative’ to. Many of the results are open source or free options.

When I get the time, I’ll put together a demo using all free tools but for now, this is it. That being said, all the premium tools I use in this demo have a free trial or evaluation version so no more excuses. You’re Welcome 🙂

So watch, learn & take action. By the way, this video is from one of the other sites I use for WordPress training called PLR4WP

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plrvideodirect.com plr video transcripts equal money

PLR Video Transcripts Can Be A Goldmine

PLR Video Transcripts Are More Than Just Words From A Video

Probably one of the LEAST used features of the PLR Video s are the audio transcripts.plr video transcriptions are a goldmine

Most of the customers I speak to about the use of the transcripts has to do with re-recording the audio into their own voice. While that is the main purpose of the audio transcripts, it is far from the only purpose.

In a previous post, I talked about the two different types of PLR videos – ‘Sets’ & ‘Series’

There are also two different Styles of PLR videos – Over-The-Shoulder style & the PowerPoint Slide style.

I’ll talk more about them in a minute.

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14 Ways to Use PLR Content

When creating an online business, it is very important that you make use of PLR Content also know as Private Label Rights, to your advantage. If you are in the process of creating, an online business or you already have an online business but you are not making use of PLR in some aspects of your business marketing, then you are missing a classic yet effective marketing tool. This is because Private Label Rights has proven to be an effective and fast way of creating unique content for a business.

What is PLR?

What Is PLR Content - question mark image  To start with, Private Label Rights is a permit that allows the author or producer to sell part or all the intellectual property rights of the work he/she has created. The producer of the work clearly states this ‘permits’ or ‘license’. Such work could include eBooks, software, web scripts, articles, templates, auto-responder messages and so on. So far, PLR products are regarded as the best option for any business. If you have PLR contents, you can use it in several ways. The uses of PLR products are unlimited.

As stated earlier, there are several ways to use PLR contents. Below are fourteen good Continue reading

WordPress Auto Updates Pros and Cons

WordPress Auto Updates

Keeping your WordPress sites updated with the latest releases is a good thing. This keeps your site secure and running at it’s potential best. The WordPress auto updates feature will hep you with this. This auto-update feature has it’s pro’s and con’s.

WordPress has a tendency to release new major and minor versions very regularly. So often that people tend to not bother updating.

WordPress Auto Updates imageThat is NOT a good thing.

There are ways to have WordPress automatically update itself but that comes with some possible issues. Prior to a major release, there are beta or ‘pre-release’ versions that are published. These beta versions allow plugin & theme developers to Click Here To View The Rest Of The Article

WordPress Powered eCommerce Stores

WordPress powered eCommerce stores can be very profitable.

PLR4WP Volume 11 how to build a WordPress Powered eCommerce site

Properly setting up your eStore can be a headache if you do not have easy to follow, step-by-step instructions. Ideally video instruction so you can see exactly what is being done versus just reading what someone is telling you to do.

Yes I’m a little (okay, a lot) biased about the whole video vs eBook training methods but I’ve read plenty of Continue reading