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This is a grouping of videos that I made that are not part of a PLR Video Series.

2 Second Video Editing Using Camtasia Studio and Powerpoint

Yes just 2 seconds is all it takes.

At the end of this tutorial are download link that contains all the files used in the making of the demo video – List Building Tips. You can edit and rebrand this video any way you like. This can be used as a free giveaway to build your own email list.

When building your email list you will need an email service provider like  Aweber or GetResponse and the training to master them.

I’ve made a series of training videos for GetResponse AND Aweber. Click Here for the GetResponse VideosClick Here for the Aweber Videos.

Okay now to the tutorial.

This is a tutorial on how to (once setup) instantly change the look of your videos by way of the Camtasia Studio Camproj file. Here are the demo videos with the different ‘look’ I’ll be showing you how to do:

To demonstrate this I’ll be using images I saved from a set of Powerpoint slides. (if you are not sure how to get images from your Powerpoint slides let me know in the comments & I’ll make a quick guide)

After creating & saving the slide deck in Powerpoint with black text on a white background, I then changed the background style to a different color and saved that deck with a different name that describes the change.

Deck1-white, Deck2-blue… You can fancy things up by adding your own ppt background image by using the Format option located at the bottom of the Background Slides option as shown in the following images: Camtasia 8 video tutorial-Powerpoint Slide background change1 Camtasia 8 video tutorial-Powerpoint Slide background change2 Once you have the background set the way you want it for the original slide deck, add your text & images.

Note: Since the slides are being saved as images then imported into Camtasia, no animations can be used on the ppt slides.

Do all the normal things you do to create your slide deck then ‘save as’ and select JPEG to save your slides as images. You’ll get a message popup asking to just save the one slide or all the slides and you’ll want to save All The Slides.

Then go back to the Powerpoint slide master and change the background to a different look and save those slides as images the same as you just did. Repeat that process for as many different looks that you want to offer to your customers. Or maybe you want to have the same video but different looks to match the different YouTube channels you are uploading them too.

Next you want to import one set of the images into Camtasia Studio. If you have not done so yet you need to record the audio portion of your video. I use the very tech-friendly and very free audio recorder called Audacity.

You can also farm this out to someone of Fiverr or similar sites. So once the audio file is created you want to import that into your Camtasia Project and save your Project. Give your camproj file a name that you’ll want your product to be called.

Mine is called listbuildingtips.camproj – for example.

I save my Camproj file as soon as all the elements are in the clip bin just in case. Then I add the elements to the timeline and sync the audio to the images then save again once everything is in place and the video plays the way you want it to play on your site.

Now all you need to do to get the different looks is to replace the images with the other images you created from your ppt slides.

This works because the images are all the same name and the Camproj file doesn’t care that they look different, it just cares that the names are the same.

And that is how you can instantly edit your videos using Camtasia Studio 8 (or version 7 or version 6)

Here is the link to download all the files used to make the demo videos – Powerpoint slide deck, all the images, the audio file and the Camproj file.

Click Here To Download

Thank you for checking out my tutorial. If you would like to know how I created the Powerpoint slide deck or the editing process of the Camproj file, please let me know in the comment section below.

– Steve D.


How To Create A Watermark And Add It To Your Videos

In this video on creating a watermark and adding it to your videos, I detail…

  1. How to use Photoshop to create your watermark
  2. Why would you want a watermark
  3. How to use Camtasia Studio to add your watermark to your video

After you watch the video, please let me know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

Thanks for watching.

Steve D.

Video-How To Add The Flash JW Player To Your Site

Here is a short video that shows how to stream videos on your blog using JW Player.

You will learn how to configure and customize this popular free video player and put it on your blog.

This will add a cleaner look to your blog by not having the logos of YouTube, Viddler or other video hosting services on your videos.

I still prefer the look & ease of using Easy Video Player (NOT An Affiliate Link). But if you can not swing the $127 one-time fee then using JW Player is a great & free alternative.

JW Player also offers a commercial license if you think you need one.

Next, I’ll show you how to install, setup and use the Flowplayer flash player. See ya then & thanks for stopping by to read my (and watch) post.

Steve D.